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CCTV Camera Poles

Aaron India Industries leading CCTV Camera Pole Manufacturers in Pune Supplier, Exporters and Dealers in Pune Maharashtra. These camera poles are made from high quality raw material and modern technology as per industry standards norms.

These camera poles range from 3Mtr to 15Mtr Height of above. CCTV camera pole are available in round and octagonal shapes. We Design and manufacture this pole as per our customer requirement. These poles are silver Painted. Clients can avail this product from us at various specifications and reasonable cost.

We recognize that no two surveillance projects are alike and appreciate this uniqueness by providing plenty of opportunities for customization. To meet the specific requirements of their surveillance needs, our customers can choose from multiple types of CCTV camera pole, customised CCTV camera pole heights, outdoor CCTV camera pole design , and more.

Our coordinated strategy ensures that the CCTV camera poles ensure excellent coverage and enhanced security.

  • Reliable Features
  • Long Lasting
  • Great Finish
  • Light
  • Easy to install
  • Very energy efficient.
  • Outdoor CCTV Camera Pole.

The CCTV camera pole is a type of pole that is used to mount CCTV cameras for security or surveillance purposes.

Application Of CCTV Camera Poles Are

  • To provide a stable and high position for the cameras to capture a wider view of the area.
  • To protect the cameras from vandalism, theft, or damage by using strong and durable materials.
  • To power the cameras using solar energy or other sources.

Types Of CCTV Camera Pole

  • Octagonal Poles: These poles have eight sides and are tapered from the base to the top. These are strong and durable and can support multiple cameras.
  • Mid-hinged Poles: These poles have a hinge in the middle that allows them to be lowered or raised for easy access to the cameras. Our poles are suitable for areas where there is limited space or height restrictions.
  • Tilt-down hinged Poles: Our outdoor CCTV camera poles have a hinge at the top that allows them to be tilted down for maintenance or installation of the cameras. These are ideal for bridges or highways where there is high traffic or wind.