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Tower Light Pole

Aaron Pole is the Tower Light Pole manufacturers, dealers, suppliers in Pune, Maharashtra. People feel a great sense of security when their neighbour hoods and city streets are well lit. Tower light poles are indispensable structures that provide illumination for various applications, including highways, streets, airports, sports fields, parking lots, and industrial areas. It not only ensures safe movement during the night but also contributes to a sense of security, preventing accidents and deterring potential threats.

Aaron Pole is responsible for designing, producing, and distributing tower light poles that meet specific requirements and standards. We have considered factors like height, load capacity, material, and environmental impact during the production process.

A tower light pole is a tall structure typically made of steel or aluminium designed to support lighting fixtures at significant heights. Its main purpose is to provide adequate illumination in various outdoor environments. Our street light poles typically utilise energy-efficient LED lights to maximize brightness while minimizing electricity consumption.

As the renowned tower light pole supplier in Maharashtra, we offer a wide range of street light poles. These products are inherently very robust and guarantee a long service life.

Tower Light Pole Features:

  • Low power consumption
  • High illumination
  • Less maintenance

Street Light Pole and Transmission Tower Uses

Tower light poles are commonly used in construction sites, sports fields, parking lots, highways, and other areas where bright and uniform lighting is necessary.

The primary purpose of a tower light pole is to provide bright illumination over a large area, ensuring safety, security, and visibility during night time activities or in low-light conditions.

These poles are often equipped with high-intensity LED lights that are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for reliable, bright lighting solutions in outdoor environments.

Feature :

  • Easy to Installation of Tower Light Pole
  • Quality tested
  • High strength
  • Strong construction
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Sturdiness and Durability

Tower Light Pole Specifications:

Product Name Tower Light Pole
Shape Decorative
Country of Origin Made in India
Brand Aaron Pole
Pole Type Variable as per requirement
Material Mild Steel
Usage Industrial


Tower light poles are tall structures designed to support lighting fixtures above ground level, providing enhanced visibility and illumination for various outdoor areas like construction sites, parking lots, or stadiums.

Tower poles offer improved safety by brightening large areas, enabling 24/7 operation. They enhance security, limit accidents, and increase visibility during night events, construction projects, or other activities that require well-lit surroundings.

Our Tower light poles come with user-friendly installation processes, typically comprising a simple assembly and mounting procedure. Detailed instructions allow for easy setup, ensuring minimal hassle and saving time during installation.