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Roadside crash Barriers

Aaron Pole is the manufacturer, suppliers and dealers of Roadside Crash Barriers in Pune, Maharashtra. Our Roadside Barriers are designed and manufactured using the latest technology and premium materials. Quality is our top priority and our products are rigorously inspected by our quality control team before they are finally sold. We are the: -

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  • Roadside Crash Barriers dealer in Maharashtra
  • Roadside Crash Barriers suppliers in Maharashtra
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Roadside crash barriers, also known as guardrails or safety barriers, are essential infrastructural features designed to enhance road safety and protect drivers and passengers from roadside hazards. These barriers are typically made of strong and durable materials such as reinforced steel or concrete.

Roadside Crash Barriers Features

The features of roadside crash barriers may vary depending on their specific design. It has a sturdy structure capable of absorbing impact forces during a collision, reflective surfaces for enhanced visibility during night-time or adverse weather conditions, and a modular design that allows for easy installation and maintenance.

The primary purpose of roadside crash barriers is to prevent vehicles from veering off the road or crossing into opposing traffic lanes. They provide an important physical barrier that helps redirect or contain the vehicle in the event of an accident, reducing the severity of the impact and minimizing the risk of injuries or fatalities.

In addition to intended safety role, these barriers also serve as visual delineators, guiding drivers and providing a clear path to follow. This can effectively demarcate curves, medians, bridges, and other potential danger zones on the road, promoting better adherence to traffic rules and regulations.

Reduce Accidental Risks

Our Safety Crash Barriers can be installed on medians, curved medians, curved ramps, turnouts, curved down hills, ramps, school zones, danger zones, as well as posts, streetlights, and general infrastructure protection zones within road protection areas between oncoming traffic flows. Fully weather proof.


Roadside crash barriers are designed to enhance road safety by preventing vehicles from colliding with hazardous obstacles like trees, cliffs, or oncoming traffic. They act as a barrier between the vehicle and potential dangers, absorbing impact energy and redirecting the vehicle away from harm.

Roadside crash barriers play a crucial role in saving lives and preventing severe injuries during road accidents. It significantly reduces the risk of fatalities by keeping vehicles within their designated lanes and reducing the likelihood of head-on or rollover collisions.

Yes, roadside crash barriers do require regular maintenance to ensure their continuous effectiveness. Regular checks are essential to identify any damage, looseness, or any other inferior condition that may compromise their performance. Prompt repairs and maintenance can guarantee that the barriers remain reliable and provide optimal safety for drivers.