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High Mast Pole Accessories

Aaron Pole is the manufacturers, suppliers,dealers, of High Mast Pole Accessories in Pune, Maharashtra. High masts with locking systems are often installed where today's busiest highways meet or cross. We have High mast pole accessories manufacturer, supplier ,dealer in Pune/ Maharashtra create products that are capable of reaching heights of up to 100 feet, our monotube high mast construction accommodates kneeling and fixed mounting arrangements.Our high mast poles are available in a range of styles and configurations to suit your aesthetic specifications, including painted, over-galvanized, and galvanized.

High Mast Pole Accessories Features

High Mast Pole Accessories offer a range of features to enhance the functionality and efficiency of high mast lighting systems. These accessories include tilt assemblies, brackets, and cross arms that allow for seamless adjustment of lighting angles.

Cable management systems are also available to neatly secure and protect electrical wiring. Lighting control devices, such as photocells and timers, enable automated operation, ensuring optimal energy conservation.

Additionally, wind load kits and vibration dampeners guarantee the stability and durability of high mast poles in diverse weather conditions.

These accessories greatly contribute to the overall versatility and longevity of high-mast lighting installations.

Applications & Uses of High Mast Pole Accessories

  • 1) Flagpole.
  • 2) High mast of stadium lighting.
  • 3) Airport lighting.
  • 4) Large warehouse lighting
  • 5) Intersection.
  • 6) Highways.


High mast pole accessories are used to enhance the functionality and safety of high mast lighting systems. They include features like bird deterrents, camera mounts, lightning protection devices, and banner arms, which improve lighting efficiency, security, and aesthetics.

Yes, high mast pole accessories are often customizable to meet specific project requirements. They can be customized for different pole sizes, heights, and lighting specifications. Customization ensures optimal performance and seamless integration with the existing high mast lighting infrastructure.

Installing high mast pole accessories generally requires the expertise of trained professionals, given the complexities involved in working with electrical systems and maintaining safe working heights. However, most accessories are designed for easy installation and can be efficiently mounted onto high mast poles with the right equipment and knowledge.

Aaron Pole High mast pole accessories enhance safety by providing secure climbing systems for maintenance workers, protecting against lightning strikes, and reducing risks

High mast pole accessories are often made of durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions. Common materials include galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and weather-resistant polymers.