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Solar Street Light Pole

Aaron India Industries has leading Solar Street Light Pole Manufacturers in Pune, Supplier, Dealer and Exporters in Pune, Maharashtra. We design and manufacture the Solar Street Light Pole as per the client needs. The Solar Street Light Poles are available in various heights as per the need of the client.

They are supplied with all the required arrangements for the mounting of star panels, LEDs and Batteries. The poles square measure equipped with solar battery on prime, battery below it and LEDs wherever needed. The batteries might or might not be In-Built.

Solar Street Light Pole Design

The Solar Street light Pole is a pole that supports a solar street light system. A solar street light system is a lighting system that uses solar energy to power LED lamps for illumination. We design and manufacture and supply the solar street light poles with a system for your area lighting. Supply the solar light system in ALL IN ONE or TWO IN ONE Solar System ALL IN ONE Solar System =9W,12W,15W,18W.

There are different types of telecom poles such as wooden poles, steel poles, concrete poles, and composite poles. Wooden poles are the most common type of telecom poles. These are made of wood and are used for low-voltage distribution lines.

The Properties Of Our Street Light Pole Are

  • Our pole is usually made of steel, galvanised iron, or aluminium.
  • It has a height of 5-13.5 metres.
  • It can be designed as per the client needs and specifications.

Different Types Of Solar Street Light Pole

  • GI Tubular Pole
  • Octagonal Street Pole
  • Electrical Street Light Pole
  • Swaged Street Poles
  • Mild Steal Tubular Street Light Pole
  • MS Street Light Pole

Solar Street Light Pole Specifications

Product Name LED Street light Pole
Brand Aaron Pole
Shape Tubular
Height (in Feet) Customised
Country of Origin Made in India
Surface Finish Galvanised
Usage Industrial

Solar Street Light Pole Application

  • Airport lighting: Solar street lights are easy to install and have no conventional electricity cost. These are used to illuminate the runway and are portable.
  • Highway and roadway lighting: Solar street lights are also easy to install and can provide reliable lighting for remote areas.
  • Park and playground lighting: These lights can enhance the safety and beauty of public spaces such as parks and playgrounds.
  • Industrial lighting and commercial lighting: Solar street lights can be used to light up factory parks, garden fences, parking lots, shopping malls, etc.

Solar Street Light Pole Features

  • Solar Street Light Pole Easy to installation
  • High strength and Durability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent resistance against corrosion