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High Mast Poles

We supply the High Mast Poles from 9Mtr to 40Mtr from Aaron /Bajaj /Valmont/Transrail Make.

The High mast is from 9mtr to 12Mtr are in Motorized or Non- Motorised.

The High mast form 12.5Mtr to 30Mtr with Motorized.

The High mast is of continuously tapered, Polygonal cross section, presenting a good and pleasing appearance and is based on proven design confirming the international standards, to give an assured performance and reliable service. These structure us suitable for wind speed as per IS 875 Part 3 1987.

This mast is fabricated firm special steel plates confirming to ASTM A572/BS EN 10025With 350Mpa.

High Masts are very tall poles with a number of Luminaries on top. They are used in places where the lighting is required for larger areas. High Masts consists of a Lantern carriage on top of the pole. The lantern carriage carries the luminaries. The lantern carriage can be lowered down for the maintenance of the luminaries. A motor and a gearbox are attached for lowering the lantern carriage. The High Masts have a Head Frame on top for holding the lantern carriage. An aviation Lamp and lighting arrestor are installed on the Headframe.

The transportation of those high masts is convenient as they're created in sections. High Mast Light Pole structure is created as per the Wind Speed especially areas it's used at sites that need lighting over an outsized space. High Mast square measures terribly tall poles with a variety of Luminaries on high and that square measure employed in places wherever the lighting is needed for larger areas. High Masts square measure terribly tall poles with a variety of Luminaries on high.High Mast Light Pole manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and dealers in PCMC,Pune Maharashtra. High Mast Light Pole consists of a lamp carriage on high of the pole. The lamp carriage carries the luminaries.


  • Crossroads
  • Stadium Lighting High Masts
  • Highways
  • Airports